About us

About us

We created our company after having philosophical disputes about the crisis and its consequences.
We all agree that high quality products should be available to anyone.
Due to the crisis, not often enough  budget remains to buy luxury products, but everyone has the right to look smart!!
Large and famous brands only talk in terms of profit. You pay for the name, not only for the quality of their products.
Therefore we searched for European suppliers who offered us superb high quality product for reasonable prices.
There  are already lots of brands of cosmetics on the market so we need to distinguish ourselves from the competition.


In what do we differ?

We offer a limited collection but they have a wide range in colors. We make the difference in the spectrum.
Instead of offering a few basic colors, we give you the whole gamma.
This way, anyone can find exactly what they are looking for.
It is our priority to offer you quality for an affordable price.
Other brands mostly offer a low price and less quality, or high price for good quality.


We work with 2 European cosmetic companies.
Both Hean and Vipera won several awards in the last few years due to their effort and engagement to offer high quality to please their consumer and the trust they created.
Both suppliers value a sustainable way of manufacturing their products.
They try to limit or exclude the use of allergen.
Their products have not been tested on animals.
No toxic additives are used to endanger your health.