General conditions


The following conditions apply on every offer, delivery and agreement between Piccabu and the consumer.
By accepting an offer and making an order, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions.
In case of any exception on the general terms and conditions, this is not an acquired right for any future transaction.


Identity of the trader

Olenseweg 175
2440 Geel
België Kurt Habraken
VAT : BE 0872 984 360
Email :


Offers and contracts

All Piccabu’s offers are optional.
Piccabu has the right to alter its price at any time due to index, taxes and/or price changes by its suppliers.
The contract between Piccabu and the consumer only valids when the order is fully paid, unless other agreement has been made.
Orders are made by the consumer by filling out the online ordersheet.
An order can also be placed by email, telephone or letter.
All mentioned prices include V.A.T. , but exclude shipment costs, packaging and administration costs.
The description and specifications are based on the information provided by the manufacturer of the product.


Price, payment and shipment

The prices that are indicated in the offers are in Euro, they include VAT but exclude other costs eg, packaging, transport and administration.
These items are explained in shipment ( see delivery , homepage right bottom )
Payment can be done by : visa / mastercard / bancontact or wire transfer.
If the consumer picks up the order himself, cash is also accepted.
The legal obligation to deliver by sales on distance is 30 days.
If, for any reason, it is not possible to deliver within 30 days, the customer will immediately  be informed and have a free choice to :

  • wait for the order to be delivered
  • cancel the order without costs
  • have part of the order delivered and the delayed products delivered without any extra costs.

Piccabu commits itself to handle the order asap, so the expected delivery term will be 3 to 7  working days. These terms apply from the moment Piccabu received full payment, unless a written alteration has been agreed on.

Piccabu cannot be responsible for an exact moment of delivery since an extern carrier will provide delivery.
Piccabu cannot be held liable for damage to products due to transport by a third party.
Piccabu will however try to find an acceptable solution for both parties should such incident occur.
In case of any visual damage due to transport, the customer needs to follow the next procedures : 

  • take pictures of the damaged packaging
  • have the delivery company sign a document where in they state that the packaging is damaged by delivery. ( you may make the document yourself)
  • inform Piccabu within 48 hours of delivery of the incident and add the pictures and the signed document.
  • Piccabu will then contact you with a presentable solution, within 5 working days.


Return material authorization

As law prescribes by sale on distance, the customer has 14 days time to consider.
In this time, starting with the day AFTER delivery, the order can be sent back without any justification of the consumer.
In case of preclusion, Piccabu needs to be informed immediately by writing through email or post.
In case of preclusion, the ordered goods must be sent back in the original packaging. Each individual product has to be unopened, unused and undamaged. The goods must match the order.
Only then can piccabu reimburse the total amount of the order and the costs of transport.
The consumer however will have to pay for the return shipment.

Returning of the goods lies in the responsibility of the consumer.
The consumer will bare shipment costs and is responsible in case of damage, theft or loss during transport.
In case something goes wrong during return, the consumer will lose the right of reimbursement.
If a wrong delivery has been made, the consumer needs to prove the liability lies by Piccabu.
Piccabu will then pay for returning costs with a maximum of a normal shipment.
The consumer can ask for the correct article to be sent without extra costs.


Intellectual and industrial ownership rights

The consumer needs to fully and unconditional respect the ownership rights of the products sold by Piccabu.
Piccabu cannot guarantee that the products might infringe any ownership rights of third parties.



Piccabu cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage unless Piccabu agreed otherwise in the general conditions.
If damage occurs due to gross error, negligence or on purpose by Piccabu, the board will accept this.
Piccabu accepts no liability for allergic reactions and hypo sensitivity, by use of the products.
Piccabu’s liability lies in the limitation amount paid by its insurer.
Piccabu cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs by incorrect use and disposal (environmental issues).
Piccabu cannot be held responsible for damage that may occur by incorrect or insufficient information from their suppliers.


Force majeure

Force majeure occurs when Piccabu cannot fulfill an agreement or the agreement has been delayed due to a third party. ( delivery company, supplier,..)
In case of force majeure, Piccabu will inform his consumer asap and will try to find a solution together.
The consumer can cancel the agreement by email or letter without cost.
Piccabu cannot be held responsible for any disadvantage or discomfort by the consumer.
Piccabu will not except any demand of compensation.


Complaints and disputes

Any complaint concerning a product or a delivery, will be dealt with in order to solve your discomfort asap.
Piccabu will try to find an acceptable solution for both parties.
Every complaint, however small, will be given the necessary treatment.
This way we can enhance our service towards our consumers.
In every dispute, the board of Piccabu will have the final word.
If the consumer does not accept the offered solution by Piccabu, an authorized Belgian judge will apply Belgian law in this matter.
Belgian law applies on every dispute considering rights, obligations and offers and must be submitted by an authorized judge in Belgium.